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Support Service Leaders



As an employer, Support Service Leaders has a duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees as far as is reasonably practicable, as per the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Act) 2005.

We are committed to providing the necessary information, instruction, supervision and or training to allow staff to undertake their duties in the interest of Health and Safety. All employees have a duty to take all reasonable steps to preserve and protect the health and safety of themselves and all other people affected by their acts.

If we are to build and maintain a healthy and safe working environment, co-operation between workers at all levels is essential. Employees also have the duty to co-operate with management to enable it to carry out its responsibilities regarding Safety, Health and Welfare.


Our Responsibilities

  • Support steps taken to develop a culture of co-operation, trust, and mutual respect within the organisation.
  • Promote effective communication and ensure that there are procedures in place for consulting and supporting employees on changes in the organisation, to management structures and working arrangements.
  • Encourage initiatives and events that promote health and well-being.
  • Encourage consultation on all matters and health & safety and include it as a standing item on the agenda at all management meetings.
  • In order to ensure that all our health and safety complies with the current legislation and meets our obligations with regard to competency, where necessary in order to maintain the system and keep up to date, we will seek information from external safety advisors, the policy will also be available to interested parties.
  • Treat individuals reporting to them with consideration and dignity and will promote a culture of mutual respect. The company will not permit unacceptable behaviour however and will take decisive action when issues are brought to their attention.
  • Provide adequate training for all staff to ensure they can carry out their work in a competent and safe manner.
  • Provide translation services/personnel to staff where necessary, to ensure they have a full understanding of all company policies, procedures, and training.
  • Ensure adequate welfare facilities (toilets, washing facilities, changing and storage facilities, canteen, etc) are readily accessible, clean and have adequate heating, lighting, and ventilation.
  • Provide adequate and safe equipment, tools, and PPE for all staff.
  • Provide adequate first aid supplies and resources (a certified first-aider on site) for employees.
  • Investigate all accidents or injuries reported by employees and implement corrective and preventative actions.


Employees Responsibilities

  • Treat co-workers and all other persons with whom they interact during the course of their work with consideration, respect and dignity.
  • Co-operate with the company’s efforts to implement the Employee Welfare Policy, attending briefings, training, workshops, etc.
  • Raise concerns with their line manager if they feel there are work issues that are causing them stress/illness and having a negative impact on their well-being.
  • Take responsibility for their own health and well-being by adopting healthy lifestyles.
  • Take responsibility for working effectively in their assigned roles.
  • Take responsibility for attending and actively engaging in training in relation to their own roles, health & safety, welfare issues, etc.
  • Report all accidents and injuries to management and cooperate with resultant investigations.



  • The company will consult with its employees on the Employee Welfare Policy and measures taken to implement the policy.
  • Staff surveys will be used to gather feedback on the Employee Welfare Policy.



  • The Employee Welfare Policy will be available to all staff.
  • The contents of the policy will be covered during general induction training for all employees.


Monitoring and measuring

  • The content of this policy and its effectiveness will be reviewed on an annual basis by Management.
  • Health and safety performance will be monitored by management on a scheduled basis as an agenda point at management meetings.
  • Information will be recorded that will enable the company to measure its performance in relation to employee health, safety and wellbeing including:
  • Sickness absence data and staff turnover.
  • Number of grievance or harassment cases.
  • Number of referrals to Occupational Health Contractor;
  • Number of accidents & injuries investigations on-site;
  • Number of training requests;
  • Health & Safety Audits results.

Kevin Hall

Managing Director 

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