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Support Service Leaders



From routine scheduled visits to emergency response and repairs, our maintenance service professionals make your premises our priority. Our local teams in London and the South East are available to assist you in solving even the most complicated issues



In an era where more than 80% of companies have experienced an unexpected outage in the last three years, having a clear, defined, and well thought-out maintenance plan is a crucial first step for setting up a business for long-term success. Our local teams will inspect and repair your site on a regular basis, checking fixtures and fittings to insure they are up to par, and providing you with a detailed report. Our goal is to keep your premesis looking like the day it opened.



Reactive maintenance serves only one purpose—to address problems when they arise. Maintenance activities are triggered by equipment malfunctions, setbacks, and failures. Broken down machines are either repaired or replaced. For example, do you change a light bulb before it burns out? The most logical thing to do would be to wait for it to burn out and then buy a new bulb. The run-to-failure approach is best suited for non-critical and low-cost pieces of equipment that don’t have a major impact on production or your team’s safety. If reactive or “quick-response” maintenance is required, we’ll get one of our local retail maintenance professionals to your immediately to address the issue, deliver a quality solution, and report back to you.


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